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Period Pain Relief Device Menstrual Heating Portable

Period Pain Relief Device Menstrual Heating Portable

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Voltage: 5V

Type 9: mentrual heating pad

Type 8: for belly press

Type 7: belt for abdominal presses

Type 6: abdominal machine

Type 57: relieve menstrual pain heating massage

Type 56: pain relief belt

Type 55: period pain reliever

Type 54: waist pain massager

Type 53: anti menstrual pain

Type 52: menstrual pain relief device

Type 51: menstrual cramps belt

Type 50: period cramp relief device

Type 5: Abdominal equipment

Type 49: abdominal pain

Type 48: belly heating

Type 47: heat pads for period pain

Type 46: heating pad menstrual

Type 45: menstrual massager

Type 44: menstrual relief

Type 43: period cramp belly warmer

Type 42: period heat

Type 41: cramp massager

Type 40: cramps pain relief

Type 4: hot pad for pain relief

Type 39: menstrual cramps pain relief

Type 38: period relief

Type 37: relieve menstrual pain

Type 36: abdominal massager

Type 35: relief menstrual colic pain

Type 34: belly pain

Type 33: menstrual heating

Type 32: period pain relief

Type 31: period massager

Type 30: period pain

Type 3: heating pad for cramps

Type 29: Menstrual cramps

Type 28: belly massager

Type 27: menstrual colica massager

Type 26: menstrual cycle pain

Type 25: period cramp relief

Type 24: warmer abdominal apparatus menstrual pain

Type 23: relieve menstrual pain heating ab massage

Type 22: menstrual pad relief

Type 21: menstrual pain

Type 20: menstrual pain relief

Type 2: heat pads for pain

Type 19: menstrual pain relief electric heating

Type 18: menstrual pain machine

Type 17: menstrual pain device

Type 16: period pain relief device

Type 15: period cramp

Type 14: menstrual colic

Type 13: menstrual relief pad

Type 12: period cramp relief

Type 11: period cramp simulator

Type 10: period cramp massager

Type 1: electric thermal strap

Support dropshipping: dropshipping

Size: Medium

Name 9: heating pad for menstrual cramps

Name 8: period heating pad

Name 7: menstrual heating pad

Name 6: heated products

Name 5: heating pad

Name 4: electric abdominal

Name 3: belly warmer

Name 2: abdominal apparatus

Name 15: abdominal warming

Name 14: heating belt menstrual

Name 13: belly heating belt

Name 12: menstrual colic heater

Name 11: portable heating pad

Name 10: heating pad for menstrual

Name 1: massage abdominal

Model Number: menstrual heating belt

Material: Composite Material

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Heating: 3-gear Heating

Function: Vibration Massage

Certification: CE

Brand Name: SALORIE

Apply for 2: abdominal

Apply for 1: Abdomen

Application: Waist

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